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Cape Town Pink and Proud   

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Mother City Queer Projects is a Queer Art Party Project, now in its 22nd incarnation. Each year the main event is a huge costume party. A new theme is chosen for The Big Night each year. The theme g Partygoers (and their costumes), artists and volunteers are the core strength of this uniquely Cape Town Project. Each year we start from scratch with a new theme, which means a ton of time, energy and creativity is invested in making sure YOU have the best night out. On our side, we collect the Cape's hottest artists to create art and party décor. We find the countries' most appropriate acts, the best DJs, bands, whatever will conspire to give you this year's best night out.

On the night you'll all meet to get ready, it's the only event in Cape Town where you don't want to be fashionably late. There are lots to see and many people to meet. Get there and scope out the costumes, the art, the décor, the entertainment and then dance the night away...By which point it's also customary to dump the more inhibiting aspects of your costume. Along with your inhibitions.

The party is filled with hundreds of beautiful people (this is Cape Town after all), a bonus being they often wear very little. Apart from beauty, there is no defining characteristic about the revellers: age, gender, race, sexuality all blur in this delicious divine queer melting city.






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