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Tell us your needs and allow us to Package an ideal Tour for you.

South Africa is such a diverse country with creative expression and these beautiful qualities are embodied in its arts and culture & people. South Africa provides countless reasons to visit. It is not surprising that some people refer to this amazing place as a "World in one Country"

We provide astounding tours throughout South Africa with some of the best skilled Tour guides that have years of experience.

At Ekuseni Tours we realise just how unique each and every person is and we've learned that no one wants to be bound by a set tour that doesn't offer them, what they really want to experience.

Customised Tours to suit your specific needs, is what we do!

We have 3 little ambassadors that will help you see just how amazing South Africa is.

We present to you: Chiara, Vincent & Bluebell



Below a few of the breathtaking Hotels & Lodges you can expect to see, when you book a tailor made South African Tour with us:

 Michelangelo Hotel1









Kuzuko Lodge







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